Subspecies at RG with just one ID

This may be related to the larger issue of subspecies IDs not moving the community ID forward, which has been discussed here previously. I’ve noticed that on observations where there’s a high-level ID and then someone adds a subspecies ID, if I add a species ID (not subspecies), the observation can go to Research Grade for the subspecies rather than the species even though there has only been one vote for the subspecies. Seems like a pretty obvious glitch although I don’t know whether it can be fixed aside from changing the broader treatment of subspecies.

Two examples from this afternoon:


If you look at the community taxon section, you’ll see that the observation is still only research grade to species, not subspecies. The text at the top is the observation taxon, which doesn’t always match the community taxon.


Ahh, got it. Thanks! Still seems confusing to me but at least it’s not skewing the confirmed subspecies count.

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The observation taxon at the top is what appears in all of the searches and maps, though, as far as I’m aware. The discrepancy between the two (and why there are two) has always been confusing to me, and this inspired me to start a new topic about the rationale for that system.

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Yes, it can be confusing, particularly since the research grade flag shows up next to the observation taxon. For more on community vs. observation taxon (and why there’s two), check out this thread started by fogartyf.

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