Subspecies prefix in drop down list

Why is it that some subspecies has the ‘Subspecies’ prefix while others don’t ?



Not sure if this has anything to do with it, but the ones with the label don’t have common names.

Also a different issue, but subspecies should not have the same common name as the parent.


I really wish the nominate subspecies, at least, had the same common name as the parent species! This making up new names for each subspecies, often names that don’t even look like they belong to the parent species, is confusing.


Pretty sure this is the explanation. Though in the case of subspecies, the prefix is not really needed since the trinomial already makes it obvious.

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This has been covered some here.

Common names shouldn’t ever be invented on iNat, so it’s fine for the nominate subspecies to have no common name at all.


Agreed! Not having a common name is totally fine, especially if adding one can lead to confusion.

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