Species prefix in search drop-down

Why is it that some species names are prefirx with the word ‘Species’


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I don’t see anything wrong. That’s because it says in the dropdown menu "Genus Faunis" and “Species Faunis phaon”. So if there’s a bug, it’s also with the genus too.

Is it not just those species without common names.
It is not an error, just a useful specifier giving the rank of the taxon. For species is may be superfluous, but for some other ranks it is extremely useful.
I dont have any issues with it.

Genus is useful, but random Species is disconcerting.
And doesn’t add any value?

I agree… if it’s a binomial name, it can be assumed to be a species level taxa? If it’s just a single part name, then it becomes useful to know if it is a genus, class, order, sub-order, etc. I can sort of tell by the endings, but that’s getting a bit geeky, even for me! It does appear to be only showing it for the species taxa that aren’t showing a vernacular

Put yourself in the shoes of that 6th grade student who sees the world in terms of “there’ a bird on that tree,” and “binomial? I am so bad at math”, and “what does the word ‘species’ mean?”

I also see no problem that species without a common name show up as “species x y.” Redundancy is sometimes good and also not bad.

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then put species as a suffix after the binomial, so the list doesn’t hop around. On the sample four are species without species, and two are species with species.

Where exactly does that screenshot come from? For me, the Genus/Species terms are shown below the scientific names just like the other entires in the list (when using the web interface). It looks like a bug to have them shown on the same line like that.

With scientific names displayed first (as gancw1 does), It appears this way on the Identify page modal.


Strangely it’s displayed differently on the observation detail page, with the species displayed twice if it doesn’t have a vernacular name entered:

The main header search is a bit different too, and doesn’t include the term “Species”, but does include ranks for higher taxa, like genus:

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Ah, I missed that detail. With common names displayed first, everything seems much more consistent. The only exception is the header search - but it makes more sense to have everthing on one line there, as it makes the list shorter.

If this is ever “fixed”, I really hope the style used with common names is chosen. It looks so much cleaner to have every entry with two lines, and it also eliminates some redundancy:



In the screenshot, Faunis rumors, Faunis canons are species but does not have the prefix species.

The species prefix is superfluous and distracting.

Having it as a suffix for taxa above species is useful though.

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