Sudden, huge mobile data consumption

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Platform: Android
App version number: 1.29.18
Browser: n/a
Screenshots of what you are seeing:

Description of problem: I’m not sure if this is replicable, and I’d like you to try. I have used iNaturalist only a couple hours in the past month. But for some reason it is devouring my mobile data. By comparison, I use DuckDuckGo for at least an hour a day, and that hotspot was to support my laptop for several hours while doing regular work. So a half a gig of mobile data is way too much.

Any idea what’s going on?

from what i know, iNaturalist has always consumed a lot of bandwidth (or at least has the potential to consume a lot of bandwidth because it has lots of photos and because the responses from its current API are not always very efficient). are you saying that iNat never consumed this much in the past, and all of a sudden it is? or are you saying that now that you’re starting to use iNaturalist, you’re noticing that it consumes a lot of bandwidth?

Antoher app did not compress the photo’s at client side, so it needed compression on serverside. Thats a pity cause the upload took also a long time.
Maybe its a bug this kind of bug

Did you upload a lot of observations over the mobile network? if that may be an issue, please turn off auto-sync (it doesn’t work very well and make the app harder to use anyway) and then just manually upload them when you have wifi. That should hopefully reduce most of this data use, unless there’s another bug i am not aware of.


it’s not an upload issue, at least not via the app:,3.

Are you using the Explore tab a lot?