Using the iNat website to upload phone camera observations when the app isn't working

You could use the website to upload…? I think most people do.

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This would be very time-consuming if I take photos on my phone, because I’d have to separately upload them to the computer.

I have been using the app to upload because I take the photos in the app and it naturally groups them together and auto-populates the GPS data. It’s a convenient time-saver.

So I’d say this is a non-solution to me, as it makes it cumbersome.

It’s much, much faster to upload them in big batches than one by one, you get gps data without app anyway, so all you need is to populate accuracy and add taxa.

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So like, I honestly hate apps and would strongly prefer to use only the iNaturalist website in large part because it is full-featured and the app is not.

But like, the website is not responsive so it is really hard to use on a phone. Really fine print and you have to zoom in to do anything at all. I suspect that the people running things have decided that because they have an app that is “good enough” that it is not worth doing responsive design, which, frankly, frustrates me.

Are you saying it would be fastest to just upload to my computer and then upload to iNaturalist from my computer in a big batch?

Part of the problem here is that I do a lot of “piecmeal” reporting…like I’m not going out specifically to do iNaturalist, I am doing something else but then I see one thing interesting here, one thing there. Pretty much every day, I might want to do something like this. It doesn’t lend itself to big batch uploads.

I’m also frustrated that like, the app is all out there and promoted and such and it doesn’t really work, and then the website doesn’t really work on mobile either. It’s like a worst-of-both worlds.

If you have a lot of observations to upload, then yes, using computer is faster, but of course if there’re just a few app is ok and I use it (but I like being able to check and correct locations when I see multiple observations on the map, not possible to do that via app uploader). I go out for plants specifically for iNat, if it’s lazy day I get <400 photos, but if I try hard it’s 1000 or even more, so it means more time will be spent on uploading other than observing itself. 99% of time on app I only check notifications or maps, but not upload.

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Yes, exactly. Using the website on mobile is not a good option. If you only have a couple of observations, the app is faster, but if you save up your observations over a long period of time, the website is much better.

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I appreciate the suggestion to find alternative ways to upload observations when the app is being buggy or slow, but this was straying pretty far from the bug report, so I moved it to its own topic. I can alternatively turn it into a private message if you would prefer.

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Sounds good. I don’t really think there’s much else to say anyway.

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