Suggestion algorithm doesn’t suggest subgenera

Five months ago, I asked why the suggestion algorithm doesn’t suggest a particular subgenus. I was told that the computer vision model was only updated about twice a year since it takes months to train the model. Has the model been updated within the last five months?

The suggestion algorithm has never made the following suggestion (to me): “I’m pretty sure this is in subgenus: Trillium subgenus Sessilium.” Come to think of it, I don’t recall ever seeing a suggestion for any subgenus. Has anyone ever seen such a suggestion?

I’m pretty sure it has already been offering levels between Genus and Species. Section Anisophyllum, for example.

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I’ve seen it for bees, eg

As to the model, the last update was this past March.


Since you asked for a kind of “me too”, as @tiwane mentioned, I have seen it for many bees.


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