Support the creation of other-language Wikipedia articles in the description pane.

I really like the iNaturalist reuses Wikipedia articles in the taxon descriptions and I like even more that iNaturalist provides a template and button to create an English Wikipedia article when a taxon is not described on the English-language wikipedia.

How this feature does not exist for other (non-English) Wikipedia’s.

Would it be possible to introduce the same support for the other Wikipedia’s?

Maybe the anwer can be found in this thread:

thanks for pointing to that discussion. I was already aware of the speciesbox template not functioning on for example the Dutch Wikipedia and although I would love to have a similar more semi-automatic template for taxon-based infoboxes, having a “create new Wikipedia article” button for every language wikipedia could really help don’t you think. This together with a minimal structure of sections that one could expect in a new stub.

FWIW, I think this is theoretically possible, but since the speciesbox code varies from language to language, we would have to make the code itself translatable and assume iNat translators know enough about conventions for species pages on their language’s version of Wikipedia… which seems like an enormous stretch. We already have problems with basic HTML getting mis-translated (e.g. people translating the actual tags and not the content of the tags, inserting spaces that invalidate the HTML, etc.), so I’m highly skeptical that this would provide more value in functionality than it costs us (specifically me) in the time it takes to correct those errors. So… maybe.