Wikipedia about link language display issue


Recently changes were made to the process that shows the Wikipedia article in the about section to fix the fact all links inside the article pointed to the English language regardless of the display language.

I think it has had an unintended side effect. Previously if running the site in a language other than English, if the taxon had a Wikipedia page in that language, that would be displayed. If that language lacked a page, but it did exist in English, the English page would show.

Now if the running language lacks the Wikipedia article, it defaults out to EOL.

As an example change running the site to Danish and go to

Previously I would have seen the English Wikipedia article, after the changes I do not.

Tested in several languages and taxa so it is not a one off on the taxon.

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My opinion is that the about page needs some re-imagining. Perhaps it works well for certain parts of the world, but for me in South Africa our species mostly seem to have no Wikipedia nor EOL nor any other page. Or if there is something then it is often a Wiki stub of little use. When I first joined iNat I thought the about page would be something more similar to what I see in my books and field guides so that it could help me with identification.

Just one example:

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Andrew, your comment is valid and appropriate. But it may be better to raise it in a topic of its own under General Discusson or if you have specific ideas as a feature request. It is not really related to the specific bug here, and the thread stands to get lost or closed when they fix it.



I can replicate and will file a bug.



Looks like Ken-ichi fixed it:



Looks good. Marked as solved. Not sure if that will automatically lock the topic or if that still requires moderator action.


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