SW New Mexico Naturalists?

Would like to compare notes with fellow naturalists and perhaps field trips in the Glenwood,Silver City area. Lots of wild country here!!

You can see on the main site some very active users, like andrewtree and wendybirdsbyrv. Our whole state has so many wild areas to explore and incredible biodiversity that is often overlooked.

Are you aware of the Gila Native Plant Society? They organize meetings and field trips.


The southwestern quadrant of NM is my favorite part of the state, although I don’t get down there from ABQ/Santa Fe area as much as I used to or would like. Maybe when I’m retired. No matter what taxa you’re interested in, there’s a lot of diversity to explore.


SW NM is one of my favourite places to visit (I’m in Dona Ana Co.). I have piles of fun locations in Hidalgo Co., but I also really like the road up to Bill Evans Lake in Grant Co.


Thanks for all the replies! When you live in a town of 200 people like Glenwood, you need to reach out a little bit to find people with like interests.

With two year round live streams coming into town, we have a bosque that is extremely unusual in the Southwest. If anyone wants to come and do a little exploring around this unusual area, let me know, I can make sure you get to the best spots first.

188 bird species on the list for the fish hatchery which is right in town.

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Excellent opportunities for birds and herps in your area, and we could also use a lot more photos of dragonflies and damselflies from that area. Lots of potential for species new to (or rarely documented in) NM that are found not that far away in AZ and almost certainly range into the Gila basin of NM.

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