Things in Northwest Florida to check out?

Hey y’all. I’m visiting some cousins in Florida this week. I’ve only ever explored wildlife around where I’m from (southeast Texas), so I’m really excited to see what I can find in a completely different area. I’ll be seeing around in the Escambia and Santa Rosa counties in particular.

I was wondering if you guys knew of any places or things to check out while I’m there? For example, things like particular trails, forests, or beaches. Or maybe some cool organisms to look for. Like, I know there’s a lot of cottonmouths out there, and there’s cornsnakes over there, which unlike cottonmouths don’t occur in my area and I’d love to see. What do y’all like about the area? Fishing spots and tips are greatly appreciated as well! Oh, and especially any good crab-finding places as well, I love seeing them.

I take a great interest in all life forms in general, but some things I particularly love to look for are trees, crawfish (and any crustaceans in general), fish, and snakes. Thanks for reading!

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Low, wet, sandy roadsides will be a good place to look for pitcher plants and things like Drosera. I’m not sure how close it will be to you, but Torreya State Park has the rare Torreya tree and I think Florida yew.

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