Switch to stop importing tags associated with photos

I’m importing photos from Lightroom which include my personal tags. I do not want these tags to be included in iNaturalist but the only option I found at iNaturalist is to delete tags one-by-one. I can stop exporting tags along with photos from Lightroom but that is an ugly workaround which I would have to activate always when I export photos for iNaturalist and then de-activate again.

I suggest to implement a switch (perhaps in account settings) which will say whether to import the tags into iNaturalist by default.

Would you also be ok with something like a Clear all button? I suspect that would be easier to implement.



“Clear all” is much better than nothing - it would dramatically decrease the number of clicks. I’d assume this is perfect for people like me who do not upload large batches of observations. I can imagine this might be considered only partial solution for those who upload at once tens to hundreds of observations when even one extra click per observation adds up.

UPDATE: I misunderstood the implementation - option to remove all tags from all submissions is perfect.

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It wouldn’t be per observation, you can select all the observations and click once. In the screenshot, you can see it says “Editing 2 observations”.


I am a user who uploads tens to hundreds of observations at once who also processes my photos through lightroom, and to be honest I consider setting exports to include or not include tags, location information, etc to be just a normal part of the workflow- mostly I pre-tag images for iNat uploads so that I don’t have to add identifications in the upload process, but export images without geotags for work and set it so that the species ID tags are the basis for the filenames, so people don’t have to email me to ask what species the picture depicts. Toggling those export parameters on/off may be easier to get used to than you think.

Thanks for the suggestions. I do not see an option in LR to keep capture date and exclude tags - I suppose it should be possible but none of the export settings I tested do it.

UPDATE: after revising the Lightroom option there seems to be no posibility to exclude tags (“keywords” in Lightroom language) on export while retaining dates. So there is actually no workaround and tags have to be deleted one-by-one. For me this means on average 3-5 extra clicks per uploaded photo :(

might work for you.


Added a GitHub issue for this: https://github.com/inaturalist/inaturalist/issues/3312


Implementation suggestion:
In the upload menu, provide checkboxes labelled

  • “Import annotations from metadata”
  • “Import taxon suggestion from metadata”.

Simply deselect both boxes, and then drag your images to the upload area.

EDIT: I even saw one user who accidentally marked his uploads as being of “Camera” wasps :honeybee: because they were taken with a camera :camera:.

Originally I did not even realize that this kind of accidental taxon suggestion using tags could happen - that’s a good point supporting the importance of more control over tag import. On the other hand, I assume that whoever is attentive enough to notice these buttons will also not just blindly accept whatever autosuggestion was generated. Your suggested implementation should perhaps include an option to specifically stop importing tags as one particular type of metadata (I suppose that by “Import annotations from metadata” switch one would stop importing all metada - including date and location - which is probably seldom desired behavior)

No, then it would simply be called “Import metadata”. Though I might be mixing up “tags” and “annotations”.
Also, there are cases where an option to prevent importing place and time is desired: When uploading scans of photographs, as their metadata only holds the time of scan, not the time of capture.