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A friend asked me to tag them when I log observations of certain species. I see their name, but not how to tag them on my observation.

In a comment, ID, or description on your observation, tag them like this: @JeniferAK

[EDIT - in my initial post I was mistaken about tags in descriptions and ID comments not working. Now they seem to work everywhere.]

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Also your friend could create and bookmark a filter to always show your observations (that they have not already reviewed) of a chosen species or group. For example, this one would be for Pycnoporellus fulgens:


After following this link, they can use the Filter button to see and change the species and any other criteria. Then this can be bookmarked like any other web page. Each time they come back to it, they will see any new observations meeting those criteria, starting with the most recent posted.

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I’ve gotten notifications for being mentioned in observation descriptions.

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Tested and confirmed - thanks @bouteloua! Either I was imagining things before, or it was quietly fixed within the past year or two. Further edited my initial response above.

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Great. Thanks jdmore. I’ll see how that works.

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