Two types of Tags

Recently I found out that a bunch of people who I said should tag me when they upload something were putting the tag in the Observation Tags section meaning that it doesn’t send me a notification. I’m also not sure if I get a notification from the observation notes.

It was a little surprising to find 70 observations with my name in the tag that I hadn’t been notified about.

Has this come across anybody else’s radar? And is this worth “fixing”, I suppose it is fewer notifications, but I told some of these people to tag me.

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i think in the language of iNat, these (ex. @user1) would be be “mentions”. so i think it’s clearer if you tell folks that they should “mention” you in a comment or in the observation description / notes.


That’s a good call, I’ll try that.

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they should @mention you as @neylon

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I have been told mentions (ex @user1) don’t work in the observation description/notes, but only in comments.

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it depends; see


this is really interesting to me, because I’ve only ever called this tagging someone, and only ever heard it called tagging someone, and have never encountered the username being put in observation tags accidentally. Americanism vs Australianism?

What if you add a new tag to an existing comment?

yes that works

hmmm… not sure. i’ve definitely seen folks use the term “tag” to describe this kind of action, but i think “mention” (or “@mention”) is the more accepted term in the social network space, at least among the platform overseers. i think the preference for “mention” is mostly a matter of clarity, since most of these platforms also have some sort of “#hashtag” concept (ex. iNat tags).

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