Tags vs Obs Fields vs Annotation for habitat

I am relatively new to iNat.nz and am currently concentrating on making observations on our land (56 Ha) and in the adjoining Maungakotukutuku Valley. One aspect of this is seeing the variation in species across different environmental situations - for example 100 year old regeneration (in the valley across from my place) versus 30 year old regeneration (on my land); or under Eucalyptus plantation vs under Acacia Melanoxylon; or by a stream or in a pond or in a grassy field. These are all categories that are meaningful and useful to me and potentially (but perhaps far less likely) of interest to others. At my current level of understanding the easy way to do this is to set my own tags which I can then filter by if I wish. Is this a good way to go or is some other use of annotations preferred? I have read the page / guide on Annotations but perhaps did not understand it well enough to answer this for myself. Help and suggestions appreciated.



Your way is a good one, you also can create an observation field, but it’s gonna be pretty much the same in your case.


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