Taxon does not appear, even though it is recognised

I found some months ago a taxon which is not present in iNaturalist ( Genista sanabrensis Valdés Berm., Castrov. & Casaseca), and I don’t know why, as it is recognised and appears in GBIF as an official taxon. There are no synonyms too.
It would be great if it was added to iNaturalist, as it is endemic from only a few mountain ranges in the Iberian Peninsula, and I have more than one observation of the species that I can’t classify because of that.

I don’t know if this issue happens with other species, if someone found the same problem I would like to know

All you need is to use the search option of external providers when you found such non-present taxa or look up synonyms. As iNat is ot a taxonomical database, it doesn’t have all recognised taxons. If you can’t find the source of a problem you should add a flag to a parent taxon.


@thebeachcomber added it:

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In the future, please just flag the parent taxon, which in this case would be Genista.


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