Taxon Pages not loading in MacOS Safari 12.1.2

Is anyone else noticing this issue? I’m seeing it only in Safari and only on my MacBook Pro.

In the app on my iPhone, it works just fine. It even works in Safari on the iPhone.

Using Chrome on my MacBook Pro I have no trouble at all—the page loads instantly while in Safari the icon spins and spins and the page never loads. Never.

This issue arose very recently, and I suspect it’s related to an update to Safari that Apple pushed to me July 23. I’m not filing this as a bug report because I don’t think the bug is with iNat. I want to see if others have also experienced this problem.

I am not seeing this on my MacBook Pro with Safari 12.1.1. I’ll see if there’s a 12.1.2 update awaiting…

It looks like I’ll have to get macOS Mojave 10.14.6 to get Safari 12.1.2. It hasn’t been pushed to my machine yet for some reason (probably just staggering the update pushes). I’m downloading it now.

OK, I have now installed macOS Mojave 10.14.6 and am running Safari 12.1.2. Taxon pages still work normally for me, so there must be some other variable here. @baldeagle, do you have the Develop menu showing in Safari? If not, you can enable it from Safari > Preferences > Advanced (“Show Develop menu in menu bar”). With the Develop menu installed you can control-click or right-click on a webpage and choose ‘Inspect Element’ to get the Web Inspector. Do this on a taxon page and check whether there is a red circle with an exclamation point in it at the top of the Web Inspector. If so, click it to see what errors appear.

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