Taxon split request - Junonia coenia/grisea

iNaturalist has adopted the split of Junonia grisea (Gray Buckeye) from J. coenia (Common Buckeye) recommended in Lalonde & Marcus (2018). However, nothing was done to change old records of ‘Common Buckeye’ in California.

While records from the southwestern states might rightly be considered to require individual review, the authors of the work note that no records of J. coenia from CA could be documented later than 1965. At this point, the burden of proof should rest on anyone who wishes to claim they have a verifiable record of J. coenia from CA, & the default (& automatic change if that can be accomplished) should be that all iNat records in CA are actually of J. grisea (unless they are dated 1965 or earlier, perhaps).

Welcome to the forum! However, taxon change discussions should happen on iNaturalist itself. Looks like the split hasn’t actually been committed yet: It would be best to comment on that page if you have suggestions or concerns.


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