Taxonomy problem for grasses

Regarding observation

I’ve been down this rabbit hole before! There’s been a serious confusion of scientific names and even species concepts for a couple small weedy grasses. I think Flora Europea has them confused.

Fern-grass = Catapodium rigidum = Desmazeria rigida = Sclerochloa rigida. (W3Tropicos & USDA Plants) This observatoin is Desmazeria rigida, and it’s Catapodlium rigidum. So far so good. They should have the same common name, but in iNaturalist one is Fern-grass and one is Hardgrass.

Hard Grass = Sclerochloa dura. (W3Tropicos & USDA Plants) iNaturalist uses Hard Grass (or Hardgrass) as the common name for Sclerochloa dura.

iNaturalist needs to fix this!

– Sedgequeen

I’m on the train, but I flagged it for looking at later, unless another curator wants to jump in and investigate. Let’s move the discussion there:

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