Teneral just added as Cicada life stage: one issue

Teneral has just been added as a life stage for cicadas, which is great. The issue is that a number of people have already annotated tenerals as “adult.” What is the best way of dealing with the now incorrectly annotated observations. Add a message to each observation asking them to change it (ugh!)? Thumbs down the annotation? Is there any way for multiple users to override an annotation they disagree with?


Annotations cannot be overridden, but that has been proposed as a feature request. I would think adding a comment to each observation would be the best thing, although I understand that could be very impractical. A thumbs down would be a little faster when going through observations, but if you’re going through them copying a comment doesn’t seem that much slower.


Thanks! I just added my vote for that feature

a little off-topic, but wow I didn’t know teneral was added to cicadas. wonder why it’s not Auchenorrhyncha as a whole?

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