That dust from handling a butterfly or moth

I find the scales on a butterfly or moth to be very intriguing! Here are a few shots I have recently taken of the scales on a Luna Moth, the scales on an Eastern Tailed Blue Butterfly, and the scales on a Madagascar Sunset moth…
Olympus macro gear for the shots.

First, the spot on a Luna Moth wing. Approximately 5mm field of view or a tad more.

Second, an almost full view of a live Eastern Tailed Blue Butterfly. These are about 1cm total in length - very very tiny butterflies, but just gorgeous. I have this in my office as a 12"x36" print…

third, a “closer-up” view of the Eastern Tailed Blue spot on the back of the wing near the tail. This is about 1.5mm field of view

and fourth, the Madagascar sunset moth wing…near where some of the colors on the wing merge…about 1mm field of view or a tad less.


Wow! Those are amazing photos. Those zoom in photos of yours are very unique.
I hope to see more.


Hi Ethan, I’ve followed some of your work on m43 forums for a while now. Glad to see you on iNat!!


Wow! Amazing photos!


These photos are so gorgeous! The shape of the scales are so interesting too.


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