The area of the Southern Appalachian Mountains

I would like to know how to generate information about iNaturalist “places”. Is there way to find general information, such as the area of the Southern Appalachian Mountains, or general information for any place iNaturalist has defined. Here is a link to the Southern Appalachian Mountains, I can’t find my way from that page to information about that page. Thanks

not sure why you’re interested in this data, but i think this will answer the questions you’ve posed:


That’s exactly what I need. Thanks!!

The links in general are very helpful. The kml geometry link allowed me to grab the the KML file and move it to GBIF, awesome. Also the jumear link is great, allowing me to grab and compare stats from inat “places”. Is there a way to add other fields- I would like that output to include observation totals to summarize effort, and species totals to summarize observed diversity. My overall goal has to do with summarizing gomphidae diversity in the southern Appalachians, but establishing baseline diversity and effort for comparison is very useful. I will check out your github and youtube channel. Thanks

that functionality is already there. just look at the instructions on the main page:

Thanks again!

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