The dumbest myths you heard about animals

If that were the case, my hands would be one big bump. While adult me feels bad for the stress to the critters, nine-year-old me is still giggling over my cousin’s “ewww, ick, gross!” reaction, leading to being chased around the back 40. As I’ve said before, for a kid who was admired as being “all boy”, he sure was squeamish.

Serves him right for giving me grief about being a bookworm.


This was responsible for all my childhood “the wasp chased me” incidents, except for the one time I actually stepped on a nest

What? this is a thing?

While taking photos of a Macroglossum moth species (꼬리박각시, a hummingbird hawk-moth) several years ago someone came up to me and said I should be more careful, as “dragonflies drink blood”.