The woman whose paintings changed science forever BBC

BBC Homage to artist naturalist Maria Sibylla Merian is a 3:57 :hourglass_flowing_sand: animated video. I enjoyed the reaffirmation of the impact of one young artist ecologist and the interdisciplinary sustaining value of observations and creativity. The creative alignment of the video production is impressive.


Her work is amazing–both as a naturalist and an artist–


Wow, she is amazing! If I travelled back in time I can totally see myself accompanying her on her adventures and just sharing the enthusiasm we have towards the natural world.

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Nice to see a post about Maria Sibylla Merian!
Such inspiring combinations of observation and composition/colour.

I really recommend some of the books about her with plates too - I have seen a couple but have this one myself :

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I recently read about Maria Sibylla Merian in the book “Lost science : Astonishing Tales of Forgotten Genius” by Kitty Ferguson.

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