Vacationing in Delray Beach Florida need advice for maximizing biodiversity

I will be leaving tonight to go to Delray Beach in Florida. I have 4 days and I want to try and maximize my species list while I’m there. Anyone have any advice on places I should visit or things I should keep an eye out for in the area?

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Always a good idea to check flowers in bloom for any pollinators.
Keep an eye out for anoles sunning themselves.
Try to find a tide pool or two.
Have an absolutely fantastic vacation!

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Early morning beach walks for the fresh shell collection and the shore birds! If there are estuary areas that you can walk around you get many different birds that live there and the mangrove ecosystems. Keep an eye up for ospreys on top of power poles or on channel markers. Alligators at the golf courses (or really anywhere with some fresh water). From your profile picture, you might also be interested in visiting the nonprofit Loggerhead Marinelife Cente, >1h north of Delray.


I see there is a Gumbo Limbo Nature Center about 3 miles south of Delray Beach that might be worth checking out. They could tell you which trail in their preserve has the most impressive diversity.

Also yes, please do hit the beaches during low tide and especially so if there has been an overnight rainstorm or anything like that. :)


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