Third Party Collection Vouchers?

Someone just added a collection voucher and DNA sequence to one of my observations. This is nonsense and impossible. There is also no obvious way for me to fix it. Why can someone add a voucher to an observation that is not theirs? This seems very problematic.

I can’t tell if this is a bug or a major design flaw.

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Just click on them and choose “delete”, it’s not a bug, you can see who added those.


@cooperj FYI


Apologies for that. I programmatically added several thousand fields to my records. It relies on having the correct iNat observation numbers, and in this case a number (just one I hope) somehow got changed when preparing a CSV upload file with the 3,800 changes. I checked the target records initially but this change to a number crept in at the last step.

However, I should add that I find it odd that people can add observation fields to other people’s records. In this case I would have preferred an error saying “you do not own the observation record”. But I guess there are good reasons for allowing that.


Tags can only be added by the observer, but observation fields can be added by anyone unless the observer opts out in their account settings.


If you’re interested, I could help adapt your script to check that the observation belongs to you before adding fields.


They are all done now, but I will do a post-import check.


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