Anyone have an R script for adding an Observation field to a inat ID?

I think I can probably do it with the python library, but I work more in R these days so figured I would see if anyone already has a script where I can cycle through a data frame of inat records and add a voucher number observation field with the applicable value.


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Can you explain in more detail? You want to download data from iNat, and add a voucher number to your local copy? Or do you want to add the voucher number to the record in iNat? How is the “applicable value” determined - do you have a list of voucher numbers for each observation?

Oh man, I’m following this thread in case someone has a solution.


No, I want to put data on inat not pull data down.

I have a table of data with inat ID, voucher number, and other various bits of collected data. The goal is to move the data from my table to inat by adding an observation field and populating it with the applicable data from the table for every record in the table.

Here’s a similar task done in Python.

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Yea, I was hoping someone had already written an R script to do the same

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