Those dew drops in the early morning…

I’ve always had an obsession with looking at the dew drops hanging in spider webs in the grass - wondering what they would look like up close. A few years ago I finally put together a setup to be able to see what they look like in their full beauty by taking hundreds of images and stacking them.

Using the Olympus camera the EM1 Mark 2, I attached the MC-20 teleconverter along with a modified 16mm extension tube so that the teleconverter would attach to the 60mm macro lens. That gave me 2.4x magnification on a micro 4/3 sensor. Then, adding the Raynox 250 gave me 5.5x magnification- which is a bit over 3.5mm field of view.

The camera is still able to focus bracket with this setup, so I would set the camera down near the spider webs with dew drops and let it do it’s thing…

Here are some of the results - the spider is the tiny Florinda coccinea - I live in Quincy, Illinois, United States


Awesome focus stacks! Do you post on Instagram or something? I would love to see more of these - there’s a great macro community on Insta.

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Yes, 1of1images on Instagram and Facebook

Lots to see
I think you’ll enjoy - report back to the group!

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Those are some really great photos!

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Great photos!

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Thanks to this poem by Antler I always think about what is reflected in dewdrops and even look for the the photographer in each dewdrop


Seeing my reflection on a river
and seeing a bubble float into my reflection
the bubble also reflecting me,
So I see the reflection of my face in the bubble
in the reflection of my face
on the river,
While below on the bottom
the shadow of the bubble passes over
golden fallen sunken leaves
So it looks like inside my face is a riverbottom
of golden fallen sunken leaves
with the shadow of a bubble passing over
while on the surface
My reflected face with a bubble moving in it
also reflecting me
and me thinking
It will burst any second
just before it
bursts . . . .


Thanks very much! Glad you enjoy!

Fabulous! What beauty you’ve captured :)

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Some of my favorite haikus :

A small garden
Brimming with dew . . .
Half a gallon of it

Grasshopper, . . .
Do not trample to pieces
The pearls of bright dew

I will not forget
This lonely savor of my life’s
One little dewdrop

Exquisite the dewy bramble . . .
To every thorn
A single droplet

And, verse two of “Morning has Broken”:

Sweet the rain’s new fall, sunlit from heaven,
Like the first dewfall, on the first grass.
Praise for the sweetness of the wet garden,
Sprung in completeness where His feet pass

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Love it


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