What are those small webs in the grass?

You know when it is foggy and you go outside and you see those weird cobwebs in the grass. What are those? Spider webs? That is what I have always thought they were but I could easy be wrong.

You can make an iNat obs with a photo of the web. Web = evidence of life. But it would be spiders.


Sounds like Dollar Spot Fungus, not a spider web. It looks like spider webs in early morning dew, but then disappears until the next dewy morning.



Do they look like this? or down low on the ground?

Sounds more like actual webs that you just don’t see in the midday.

Yes, it could be. The moisture will make them more noticeable. And there are many spiders that make webs in the grass. It would be very useful to see photos.

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Sorry for the late reply! Not been on in a while, they are smaller than that. Usually between grass strands close to the ground.

Next time it is a bit foggy I will be able to get a photo of it and I will post it here. Hope it won’t take too long… probably no time at all since we always get fog here!

let us know when you do… I am fascinated by spider webs and, if it turns out to be something different, it would still be interesting.

This morning it just so happened to be foggy! So on my way to school I took photos, here is the post for those interested:

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Yeah, spiders, Linyphiidae or something like that.

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I took a similar photo as yours, one time, thinking it was just a cool photo of a web. When I got home, the camera had focused well on the web - but I realized the spider was lurking behind it and was blurry. I looked at your photo and didn’t see the spider but keep an eye out. In my case, the spider would have been small - like a quarter size (or smaller) of one of the clover leaves. Thanks for following up with your photo.

found the observation: https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/37564716
We have an excellent spider identifier in my state so all my spider observations get at least his eye and comment/identification.

After a dewy morning, it can be kind of awe inspiring to see dozens of webs in a grassy area. You realize that, but for that dew, you’d never know those were there (to those casual viewers, at least). It’s like having a magic lens that lets you see a hidden world.


Wow! I will for sure be on the lookout for a spider if I see one next time I spot these webs!

When I usually visit parks near my home,even I see many webs tangled in between the grass,sometimes a find many webs but no spiders,rarely I can spot some orb weavers.

If u can see some horizontal circular webs,then they are of grass spiders

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