Time Lapse/Sensor activated Cameras - any suggestions

We are interested in seeing what wildlife live at our property that we don’t know about. We know we have swamp rats quite close to the house judging by their burrows, a variety of lizards and snakes. We have a variety of birds including Red Browed Finches, Eastern Spinebills , New Holland honey eaters. Any suggestions for sensor activated/time lapse cameras? Would need to be able to “see” at night.


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Great question, and I look forward to seeing everyone’s suggestions!

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I don’t know if there are better options out there, but when I did some work out in the QLD bush we used Reconyx cameras like these https://www.reconyx.com/product/Outdoor_Series

They have night vision, but a bit pricey.

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should it be in #nature-talk, since it is’t directly related to iNat?

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I may have made an unwarranted assumption that the equipment was being sought to capture observations for iNaturalist. @allabella007 can you clarify?

Helpful Link: https://emammal.si.edu/about/camera-trap-recommendation

I also attended a talk about remote cameras for herp surveys. They found that timed cameras captured more activity since many herps don’t trigger the IR sensor. Lots of photos to go through.

I’ve thought of using a webcam and Motion for recording herps and other things. The setup would have to avoid moving background (grass in the wind) to work well. https://www.linux.com/tutorials/how-operate-linux-spycams-motion/

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