Tips of Raising Insects from Eggs

An unidentified insect layed eggs on the side of the box where our mothing stuff is kept. There was a lineodes species next to them but don’t know whether they belong to it. Does anyone know how to transfer the eggs off the box and how to raise them?

Not specifically. First instar larvae are very small, and need a food source relatively quickly. If you think the Lineodes spp. might be the source, then find out what they feed on. Rather than transferring the eggs - they are sort of glued on to the substrate - wait until they hatch and use a fine brush (like a small paint brush) to transfer them to a food source. Flick the brush to knock them off gently. It will take several weeks for them to mature if the food source is good, so prepare for that. Once they are late instar, they will pupate, so it may be good to put in some soil for them to burrow into.
EDIT - I assumed it was moths you were talking about. If not, then I can be of no help!

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That sounds so cute and adorable. Do you think it looks like when a reptile or a bird hatches from an egg?

What material is the box? If corrugated cardboard, I honestly would take an X-acto knife (or something similar), and excise the section of box with the eggs.

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Newly hatched moth (first instar) larvae look like tiny bits of thread.


They are on the side of a plastic storage bin that we typically keep on the back patio so if they do hatch, we likely will not see them. I was hoping there would be an easy way to remove the eggs so we could raise them but i guess they’ll have to take their chances!

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