Lizard eggs in a pile of leaves

I found a clutch of white eggs in a pile of eucalyptus leaves I was gradually removing, and when I realised the eggs were there, I covered them over lightly with some of the (damp) pile of leaves. I presume they are snakes or lizards. Given that I have no idea what they are, how long should I leave the pile untouched? It’s approaching bushfire season in the Yarra Valley and I’d like at some stage to remove the pile from beside my house. Is it okay to lift the ‘lid’ of leaves and have a look occasionally, or might that cause the eggs to dry out? I think I’ve read that reptile eggs shouldn’t be moved, because the embryos might become detached. Is that true?Thanks for any help.

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Depending on the species, lizard/snake eggs generally take 45-60 days to hatch after they are laid.

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If you want a solution that doesn’t require needing to move the eggs, maybe you could water the pile of leaves each day so that the leaves are not flammable before the eggs hatch.

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Thanks, swampster, I’ll have a little peep at them every week or so.

Thanks, Kaden, I’ll try to keep the pile moist.

Lizard/snake eggs are somewhat resistant to dehydration. If they are covered with moist litter, they’ll be fine. I wouldn’t “overwater” them (too much water and they can smother).
It is possible for the embryos to detach from the eggshell with rough handling (like dropping), but gentle handling is usually ok if they need to be moved. Some species can be incubated successfully in a jar of moist vermiculite left in the sun if they do need to be moved.


Oh, thanks for that extra info. It’s at a holiday destination, so I haven’t revisited to check, but was a bit concerned about the dry hot weather. Here’s hoping the next little peek into the pile finds empty shells.


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