Tips/Resources For Orthopteran Sound ID

Does anyone have good resources or tips for refining audio IDs of orthopterans (grasshoppers, crickets, katydids)? I often find myself leaving these observations at high taxonomic levels (e.g. Ensifera, Acrididea) because I don’t know the patterns that broadly categorize songs of subsumed taxa.

If there was a good way to reliably narrow down to subfamily or tribe, I think it would be easier to check recordings against local candidate species. In my experience, for North America there are some great resources for literature and morphological keys (e.g. Orthoptera Species File) and lists of recordings for individual species (e.g., but I’ve had trouble finding resources for on the patterns that characterize the broader divisions within Orthoptera.

Any help or recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

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My tip is to listen to identified observations in your state/region and learn the common ones. Fast vs slow crickets, rubbing vs clicking katydids, etc.