Finding identifiers for bird calls

I am working on my bird calls project and wondered if there is a way to find identifiers of audio observations?
Why does the “Evidence of Presence” dropdown box not have an audio option, please?

You can filter search for “with audio” and see iders. Evidence of presence is a new annotation and doesn’t have even half of what it should be.


I think they find you.

When I post bird calls, and put a high-level ID for birds, the obs automatically gets added to this collection project:


Thank you, I see in the filter box “has sounds.” I was looking in the wrong place.

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Wonderful, thank you! I didn’t even think about audio projects.

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I know bird calls, but I don’t usually ID them on iNat because I find the audio is either too quiet for me to hear, or so loud it hurts my ears, and whichever it is I can never hear it without headphones. I wonder if others don’t ID them here for the same reasons.

Wow! I’ve posted one audio file. Never knew about that collection project. Just looked because of your post and :flushed:! It’s there!

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Actually there’re quite a few audio iders, though we could have more, but at least mine recordings are getting ided and I checked some too (out of 925 mine only 58 still need ids). Yes, iding in headphones is required and honestly I don’t see it as minus, you can never hear every nuance without them unless you have a very good stereo system.

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I’ve added a few bird audio records and IDed some also. They range from fairly good to pretty poor quality (including my own). I suspect the vast majority of folks, like me, are using their cellphone to record which isn’t the best tool for the job.

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my bird sounds always get quick ID, but i don’t post that many of them

I’m not yet good enough to ID bird sounds, but I did try yesterday with a friends observation. After listening to it, I suspected one bird and just for fun, I let Merlin Bird sound ID listen to it and the app also confirmed my suspicion. Just another tool in the lunch box :)


The time for bird obs with audio to get ID’ed seems to be more region-specific than bird obs with pictures. Most in the Bay Area get ID’d by a handful of very active users within a few hours even with poor audio, while throughout the Midwest, high-quality, easily identified audio will go weeks without ID unless someone actively goes through to clear them. This is, of course, amplified in most areas outside the US.

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I’ve listened to audio files that have no appreciable content and wondered what the listener heard.

I’m working on extracting audio from video files of bird sightings. If they are clear enough, I will upload here. I usually upload a photo (or frame from a video) long before I have time to extract the audio. Am I right that this is really a duplicated observation? That there is no way to have a photo PLUS audio in a single observation?

I find region-specific variations in speed of photo ID, too. Very few iNat users in my state and even fewer with an interest in Leps. I’ve taken vacations and was astonished to find my observations identified before I got home! Wish more identifiers would branch out beyond their home state. But I do the same when I ID, stay close to home.

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Going off your username, are you in NY?

I missed out on an earlier discussion on learning to ID by sounds. I like to bird in my yard, which is surrounded by woods and fields and a river, so diverse birding area. I first LOOK for the locations of any birds I know, then shut my eyes and LISTEN to see if I can hear where they are as they move around. Sunrise is primetime, but dusk is great, too.

Of course you can have both photo and audio in one observation! You operate with both types of files the same way in uploader.
Just add audio files to existing observations with photos if you decide to add those.


This record has both photo of the bird and a cellphone recording of its call:

Well, silly me.

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