To ‘Click’ or to ‘Not Click’?

Although Shutter sounds can be turned off in android phone Cameras or Mirrorless Cameras having Electronic shutter, most DSLRs dont have a way to really “Turn off” the shutter sound. The “Silent mode” option or the “quiet mode” option (as few Cameras have) may reduce the sound to some extent but there are many disadvantages in using those options. Keeping the Camera in ‘Live view’ mode doesn’t serve the desired purpose. This factor often discourages me from photographing birds in wetlands as the multiple clicks of several photographers’ cameras disturb and frighten the birds.
But the need to take high resolution pictures with sufficient detail can not also be denied. So it always remained a dilemma that what should be done in this case?
PS: It has to be kept in mind that in few countries it is illegal to turn off the camera shutter sound.

Goodness, I had no idea :flushed:.

I’m a 99% DSLR user, so I don’t have a choice, but on those very rare occasions when I take photos with my phone, the sound is strictly OFF. I am very much aware of the disturbance of the shutter sound and it has stopped me taking photos on more than one occasion when I felt the noise was just too invasive.


Really? How so, apart from in countries where it is illegal? (I usually take photos with my phone, so I don’t really know much about cameras)

I was in a hide at the Hong Kong Wetlands Park a few years ago and whenever the nearest kingfisher moved the hide exploded in a symphony of mirror slaps and shutter sounds, which was unpleasant. I don’t know if it affected this bird, which was decently far away. But I’m sure the sound can affect wildlife, in addition to one’s fellow photographers. I’d say maybe do your best to reduce your frames per second (do we really need to shoot so many photos?) and use the quiet mode if possible.

I suspect that the days of shutter noises are numbered, though. Sony and Nikon both have cameras where electronic shutter works great for action. My Z8 has no mechnical shutter at all, I have it set to make a soft artificial click when taking photos, but can have it work totally silently. I think that technology will trickle down to more affordable cameras over the next decade.


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I feel that, I also had no idea. I use a Sony camera that doesn’t really have a click, but it is also not a very expensive camera. Do most larger cameras have a click when you hit the shutter?