Top identifier, but I've made no IDs of that taxon

Maybe this’ll be sorted out when the Explore page is redesigned, but in case not…

I have made zero IDs of Lantana horrida, but I appear as if I’m the top identifier of the species since I have a bunch of maverick genus IDs on the observations in these search results:

This tab should probably just tally Leading and Improving IDs of the filtered taxon rather than all IDs on the observations.


Will add it to my weekly report.

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OK, after consulting with Ken-ichi, it’s not a bug but intended behavior.

“The Identifiers tab in Obs Search shows the people who have added identifications to observations in the current search, not people who have added identifications of the taxon filtering the current obs search. I am fairly sure that was intentional, as obs search could have multiple filters applied to it that may or may not have anything to do with taxa”

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Tangential question: is there a way to find out if you are the top identifier of anything? Other than just happening to see yourself on the list.

Well, with the caveats mentioned above, you can use inaturalist.og/explore and search for a taxon, then click on “Identifiers” to see a list of the top identifiers of observations of that taxon.

Thanks Tony. I was hoping for a magic URL which would display all taxa with [username] as a top identifier, but even URL magic has its limits.


Associated feature request: