Traditional Project: Exclude Casual Observations


Based on a Collection project where I include and then exclude casual observations I get a difference of 696 observations which should be the total # of casual observations.

I have a Traditional project based on the same parameters and would like to exclude casual observations and have selected the rule “have media (photo or sound)”. Is this correct?

If so, will these casual observations appear in the search for unsuitable observations? Right now I’m seeing the same 15 unsuitable observations that should be there from when the Traditional project included casual observations. Here is the location of this link on the Traditional project page:

• Project Curator Tools » Find Unsuitable Observations

Here’s the URL for Find Unsuitable Observations for the Traditional project:

Thanks in advance.


“Casual” observations include more than observations without photo or sound (see this topic:

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To exclude all casual grade observations, choose “be verifiable”. It’s less than the best terminology, but verifiable = Needs ID or Research Grade.

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Thanks for the link @sgene.

Thanks @bouteloua … I knew there was an equivalent but couldn’t guess which one it was.

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You could also choose “be wild/naturalized” if you want casuals but not captives.

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