Trail camera night video length

What what is a cost effective camera that will give 30 seconds of night video?

There are a number of new name brands on the market. I’m wondering if any come with a seal of satisfaction - and 30 seconds of night video.

Brownings give great video quality, but only have a night video length of 20 seconds. This is too short to capture kiwi calling.
Moultries give 30 seconds, but my two Moultrie s50i cameras have died. They lasted just under two years. Not cost effective.

For kiwi videos see https:

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I would like to know as well…

I’m really happy with my Bushnell. It has dual sensors so it takes excellent photo/video in both day and night. The video has sound and will shoot up to 60 seconds at a time. I guess $200 is not really cost effective though.

Thanks lappelbaum,
Yes, Bushnell are a good brand.
Is the 60 second video length you give for Bushnell for night-time videos taken on that camera?
That is very long. Most brands seem to limit to 20 or 30 seconds, I think because night videos are very power hungry.

My question referred to the plethora of ‘new brand’ low-priced cameras that are now on the market, rather than the established (and higher priced) brands such as Browning, Moultrie, Bushnell etc. Are these new brands any good? And can any record night videos for 30 seconds?
My Moultries failed too quickly and were thus not cost effective.

Becoming aware of the activity taking place in the bush below our place is fascinating. I am sure I am seeing things that have very rarely, sometimes never, been videoed before.

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Yes, it will do it at night. But you are right it runs down the batteries fast. I set mine up under a dock facing the shore thinking I won’t have problems with wind moving plants setting it off using up the battery. It kept getting set off by insects and frogs doing single hops. I can only see that the glowing eyes are in a different spot than the previous video. :laughing: I’m not sure if the fog rolling in was also setting it off or if that was just a coincidence. I have it setup on a trail now, set to dynamic. It will stop recording before 60s if there is no more movement. You can miss some interesting behaviors with this mode since an animal may stop and start moving and there is a slight delay between videos. But if animals are just moving from A to B down the trail it works, and saves money on batteries.

I know someone who bought a Primos brand camera. Didn’t last long before water leaked into it ruining the camera, the batteries, and the memory card. They replaced it with a Browning.

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