Translation option for comments?

I didn’t know whether to create a feature request for this, since I’m not sure if the staff are already planning on incorporating this if/when comment sections are updated. But I figured I’d move this existing conversation to its own topic.

One comment I would have about an automated translation, is that some text will be easy to translate, but a lot of technical, taxon specific stuff will be hard to get right.

I for example am happy to have a conversation with you in Danish, but don’t ask me to start talking about dragonfly anatomy and know the terms in Danish, and it is unlikely any automated tool will do better.

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Yeah, though the main intention of the feature would be to save time/effort from having to open up a translation service separately, not to get the translation itself perfect.

Ooh, yeah, I definitely would not want any user-generated text to be automatically translated throughout the site. I would prefer to have the option to translate, to my chosen language in use for the website, with a click of a button.

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I’m sure inat devs can’t create a translator from the ground up given the limited time the small team has … and I am guessing there are third party options but they cost money which inat doesn’t have tons of either. Given it’s not hard to copy paste into google translate and some browsers translate anyway i am thinking this isn’t the best use of resources imho.


A translate button is enough i think. I guess the "a lot of technical, taxon specific stuff " are often only a few words and often rather similiar. And that is not much work. I only have spanish and portugese reactions, no armenian, georgian (Often they speark or german or english…but not both.), russian, thai and arabic ones.

This is on our agenda for the next year:

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Sounded famliiar…thanks :)

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I’m on Chrome. I right click Translate to English, when I need to.