Boilerplate responses in other languages

I try to help the community by going through unidentified observations and at least categorizing them somewhat. Therefore, I see a lot of cultivated plants, duplicates and multi-species observations.

Would it be possible (or maybe this page exists and I can’t find it) to include a page with translations of the boilerplate text? My Spanish isn’t as nice as the boilerplate text in English. I have to just guess by the username if I should write in Spanish or English.

Maybe naive or presumptive of me, but I assume that people who don’t speak English are mostly used to encountering English online and familiar with using translation tools. Sometimes I offer both English and Google Translate’s output (or my rough Spanish/Italian when possible). I wouldn’t want to assume that someone doesn’t speak English based on their username or location.

If you find yourself in need to someone who speaks a certain language, there are a few people who have volunteered to help here:

See also this related feature request about adding an area on user profiles to indicate language preferences/proficiency:


Closing this issue, I think it’s probably best to write in your native language and let the other user interpret how they will. The hope is to eventually add some sort of auto translate tool for comments, like Twitter or Facebook use.