Trouble getting /oauth/token to work

I am developing a webapp that will take the user’s observations, assign stats to them, and they can use them for battle etc. Kinda like pokemonGO.

I got the initial login to work but the next step, doing the fetch(‘’, doesnt seem to work for me…
I used:
const res = await fetch(‘’, {
method: ‘POST’,
headers: {
“Content-Type”: “application/json”
body: JSON.stringify({
and then I try to log the token but it just says token: NULL. What am I doing wrong?

I just need the user to log in so that the webapp can pull the users observations and such, as well as know that it is actually that person that is using the account. I belive that I can pull users observations without login but in my case I need to make sure that person is who they really are.


not sure exactly how you’re developing your app, but if you’re making a client-side app, you might want to look at the PKCE flow in the API reference page ( for PKCE flow, you’ll need to set up your app to confidential=false, and then do something like what is described in this demo: aaronpk/pkce-vanilla-js: A demonstration of the OAuth PKCE flow in plain JavaScript (, or else use a package that will handle PKCE flow.

if you have further questions, it might be helpful to provide more information about what exactly you’re developing…

basically, I just need the user to log in so that the webapp can pull users observations so that I can assign stats to use for battle, sort of like PokemonGo. Right now I am just trying to get the login part to work so that I can pull userdata based on the username or ID or something that I can hopefully get from the login

let me try asking the questions like this:

  • are you intending your web app run entirely on the client side? (or does the part that initiates the fetch of the token run on the client side?)
  • the code snippet you had earlier looks like Javascript. are you coding straight Javascript or are you using some library library?

I believe its all client side, ill have to check again.
as for the code snippet, I was just making a testfile in js that could let me login to get userdata. the testfile was streight js.

if you’re intending to do everything client side, please see my comments above, starting with:

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