Turn off captive observations by default in the app

I’m moving this to the Feature Request from the Bug Reports forum after it was pointed out to me that this is a known design choice. That post is here: https://forum.inaturalist.org/t/discrepancies-between-range-maps-on-website-and-mobile-app/13495/3 .

Basically, the iOS app displays captive observations in the range maps by default, which greatly obscures/skews distributions for anyone looking for distributional information in the app (e.g. when deciding if a species that one is uploading is found in that region).

Screenshots comparing the range maps on the app and the website are below. The additional observations from Arizona and Europe are of captive observations. The species is endemic to Baja California Sur.

I would support that. I don’t want to see captive observations in an observation map.

Good call, will fix for the next iOS release (currently in internal beta, but it’s a big, complicated release so I’m going very slowly).