Umbrella project

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Step 1: I give the criteria to get all the projects fitting the requirements (perfect)

Step 2: however, if two projects share the same location, only one of them is shown on the map (for instance I needed to add one time Zurich city and one time Zurich canton to have both the projects shown on the map

Step 3: thanks for your feedback

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that’s not exactly true. they are both shown on the map. it’s just that the place polygons, observations, and labels overlap. here’s an example of a test umbrella project that i created that shows the overlapping:

this is 2020 by itself (note the couple of stray dots outside of the polygon in the NW):

this is 2019 by itself (note the stray dots outside the polygon in the E / SE):

personally, i don’t think this is a bug exactly. the umbrella project map design just didn’t really anticipate multiple component projects in the same place (or else purposely chose not to more elegantly handle that, for simplicity), i think.

what would your proposed solution be? do you just want both labels to be visible / not overlapping? or do you want something more than that? (even if that’s all you wanted, i’m guessing it would be a lot of effort to make something like that happen, especially considering you’ve already found a reasonable workaround for the problem in your case.)


Yeah, I don’t believe this is a bug, it’s just how the flags behave, I believe out of simplicity as @pisum surmised. Feel free to make a feature request if you have a suggestion for how situations like this should be handled.