Unable to load older pages beyond page 100

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Older pages cannot load and keep getting stuck with the loading icon like shown above. This happens no matter what my search parameters are

Here’s an example:

Step 1: On the iNaturalist website, search “Amazon Region” and view observations. Then set the “species” filter to “Butterflies”

Step 2: Scroll down and click onto the next page

Step 3: In the url, change the page to page 105 by keying in “105” after “page=” (i.e. the url should look like “…page=105…”. Hit enter

You’ll find that page 105 does not load but page 104 loads fine following the same steps. All pages after page 105 also won’t load. I thought it was a browser issue but the same thing happens when i use Chrome

I hope someone will look into this soon. Thanks!

The search has a limit of 10000 results, which (at 96 results per page) you run into at page 105. See staff response here.


for more information on the 10k limit, you can also look at the Pagination section in https://www.inaturalist.org/pages/api+recommended+practices.

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Thank you @jwidness and @pisum, i never knew about this limit. Will keep that in mind thanks!