Unable to see photos/observations of species outside geographic location

Platform: Windows

Browser: Firefox 98.0.1

URLs (aka web addresses) of any relevant observations or pages: https://inaturalist.nz/taxa/18209-Melanerpes-formicivorus/browse_photos (in New Zealand)

Description of problem
I’m using iNaturalist.nz and I’m unable to see photos/observations of species whose range is not within New Zealand. As an example, if I click “View more” to see more photos, I get a message saying “No observations from this place yet.”. However, if I go to the Grey Warbler page and ckick “View more”, I am able to see observations and photos.
I don’t think this is how iNaturalist used to work - and it would be handy to see observations of species that are not in the current geographic location.

Step 1: Go to the Acorn Woodpecker page:

Step 2: Click “View more”:

Step 3: Page with empty results:

Aaaand by doing this I just noticed that there’s a filter at the top of the page:

Is this new behaviour? It’s very confusing.

New Zealand is the default place, so it will only show observations from there. If you “x” it out, it should return observations for the whole world.


Hi Sara and welcome to the forum
(I’ved moved this out of bug reports because it’s not a bug)

This is how logging into one of the nodes works. When you log into the NZ portal specifically, the place filter is automatically set to NZ. When logged into the Australian node, the default is Australia, etc. This is not a new feature.

Just click on the x on that filter, and you’ll be able to see the other observations.


I would also point out that I believe the geographic filter is “sticky” for any given location when you navigate among different taxa or use other filters. That’s true for the “nodes” as well as any location like “Texas”, “Travis County”, or whatever. I switch among many different geographic locations in the course of my iNat use and I frequently overlook that little constraint (like looking for Acorn Woodpeckers when I’m set in New Zealand).


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