Unfortunate White Button Mushroom Computer Vision Suggestion

There are numerous times that Users (often new and likely just trying out the app) take a picture of a Human and the Computer Vision suggests White Button Mushroom. I have come across this about a month ago as I explored State of matter Life. At first I thought this was some kind of a slur that I was not aware of. I realized today that it is often a Computer Vision Suggestion.

I’m sure that a new User may find this hilarious and select it.

Is there a way to unteach this reference in the Computer Vision?

Interestingly there have been a few instances where the initial WBM identification does not have computer vision noted so I don’t know if there is also a lexicon out there where WBM is a human reference of some sort. https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/26391035

You mean when the obs is of a human, the CV shouldn’t suggest WBM? But how does the CV know when it is a human? It’s not that smart yet, though you’d think it should be able to detect the presence of eyes.

I’m not saying that the CV knows it is human and has suggested WBM.

I remember someone saying that CV looks at the overall image including habitat and “learns” from that - this was in reference to annotations marked on photos and I also think when a white background is used. Possibly there have been enough images submitted of WBM with humans also in the image that the CV has not discerned the difference - I don’t know because this is not my area of expertise.

I would think that CV it can have an algorithm for “yes it is X” then it can also have an algorithm of common errors for “no it is not X”

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we should also consider the possibility that some people are actually white button mushrooms :)


Thanks for the chuckle @charlie :joy:

There is an old (not followed and now closed) Feature Request along these lines:

Motion to reconsider?

If Human is in the top n Computer Vision choices for an observation, then only display Human and no other choices?


But what if the human subject actually is a fun guy?
(awful Dad joke…)


In photos, there is often a human holding the white button mushroom. It’s not hard to see why the CV/AI get’s confused with all those photos of people ID’d as White Button Mushrooms :D

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I wonder if it would be helpful to be able to frame an area in a photo and have the AI/CV only use that area for training. Curators could go through problematic taxa and where they can see photos are confusing the AI, they could change the AI framing from whole photo (default) to just encompass the organism in question.