Unverified Observations

I have three unverified observations. I can understand why two of them are in that state but not the other. Is there anyway for me to ask people to re-visit the observation? Should I delete the unverified ones and re-submit the one that I’m concerned about?


Welcome to the forum @snowyowl13! I can’t answer your questions but someone else will.

You can try tagging an expert in the observation comments. Try looking at whos the top identifier for the taxon in question and tag or message them.

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By unverified do you mean “Needs ID”? If so, this isn’t uncommon. It just means no one has been able to offer an ID yet. I would not delete any of your observations. For one, just because an observation is not (yet) Research Grade doesn’t mean it has no value.

If you want to ask specific IDers to chime in, you can tag them, and a polite request may help as many top iders get a lot of tags and may not have time to address them all. Some types/taxa of organisms are also just harder to ID with pics alone and or may not have many iNat users who work on them, so they get less “action” than other taxa. In these cases, it isn’t unusual for an observation to not be ided for a while. I’ve had my own observations for taxa I’m not familiar with like plants get ided after months with no activity! Always a nice surprise.


The butterfly is a duskywing, not being from anywhere near Florida that is as far as I can go, not sure enough is visible to validate though to species. The issue with the heron is because it is head on it is hard to see the diagnostic features to separate the 2 possibilities. If you have additional photos to add it might help.


I don’t think 3 “needs id” is such a big deal to reupload them, it doesn’t help, you either wait or tag experts/add it to id projects for the group. https://www.inaturalist.org/observations?place_id=any&quality_grade=needs_id&subview=grid&user_id=melodi_96&verifiable=any

You have several that don’t have any locations specified, so those aren’t verifiable. They do have a textual location, but no map cords. When you type in a location, it shows the pin, but you have to click something for it to save.

Tag people for the others, but 3 isn’t that many. :)


Thank you everyone who replied. Now I have a better understanding of what I need to do.



I work thru obs for Cape Town. Only a thousand pages to go.


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