Upload GIFs from the Android app

I installed a GIF Maker-Editor app, created a GIF from a video, and tried to upload it to an observation, but got the error: “Error importing photo(s): Can only import photo files with JPG/JPEG/PNG extensions.”

So, I would like to be able to upload GIF files without this error, and if there is a file size limit to the GIF, to also be told what that is before I try to upload, and/or also if the upload fails due to this limit.

I requested this via email in June 2018 and was shot down, but maybe something’s changed. :)


I remember I did that using an Iphone, I’m sure I did that, but from Android is not possible. I wish this could be possible, it takes a considerable amount of time to make and upload GIFs from a PC to the website,


Having the same problem today, from Android phone…the gif plays in the desktop app in Windows 10/Mozilla firefox but doesn’t play gif in android version.