Upload GIFs from the Android app

I installed a GIF Maker-Editor app, created a GIF from a video, and tried to upload it to an observation, but got the error: “Error importing photo(s): Can only import photo files with JPG/JPEG/PNG extensions.”

So, I would like to be able to upload GIF files without this error, and if there is a file size limit to the GIF, to also be told what that is before I try to upload, and/or also if the upload fails due to this limit.

I requested this via email in June 2018 and was shot down, but maybe something’s changed. :)


I remember I did that using an Iphone, I’m sure I did that, but from Android is not possible. I wish this could be possible, it takes a considerable amount of time to make and upload GIFs from a PC to the website,


Having the same problem today, from Android phone…the gif plays in the desktop app in Windows 10/Mozilla firefox but doesn’t play gif in android version.

I just tried to upload a GIF from my iPhone, and only one still image was uploaded. Not sure if it was ever supported.

I understand people use GIFs because iNat doesn’t support video, but in my perhaps old fuddy duddy personal opinion, anything that can be done to reduce the number of animated GIFs in the world is a good thing. :-P

Objectively speaking, I think it’s unlikely we’ll support uploading of GIFs in our mobile apps.