Upload photos from clipboard into iNat web uploader and existing observation


Description of need:
When uploading DSLR images into iNat, one often has to downres the images to fit iNat’s 20MB size requirements, meaning to export another batch of lower res images just for iNat. It would be great if we could just paste photos into upload with Ctrl+V as screenshotting the image lowers the resolution automatically.

Feature request details:
Just Ctrl+V like with google images image search

if your problem is that your images are above the 20MB limit, i don’t understand how simply pasting photos from your clipboard with Ctrl+V solves your problem. can you elaborate on your proposed workflow?

what exactly are you copying before you press Ctrl+V? a single image file? multiple image files? a screenshot? a crop of an image?

yeah, screenshotting:

I could see a sort of on the fly cropping by windows+shift+s screenshotting being potentially useful. I probably wouldn’t use this feature though since that would strip the metadata.

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i’d still like to hear how jerry24322 explains the full workflow that they’re using. i’m not sure how the proposed workflow would end up any faster than what they are currently doing. in fact, if you’re trying to upload a lot of photos, it seems like a copy-screenshot-then-paste approach for each photo would become less and less efficient as the number of photos increases, compared to a batch conversion approach.

besides the loss of metadata that you mentioned, i doubt that simply screenshotting would be a satsifactory way of downscaling an image because most screens nowadays are a 16:9 aspect ratio, and that’s not usually the same aspect ratio that most DSLR cameras would produce by default.

i suspect that jerry24322 knows how to downscale one image at a time in some sort of photo processing software but may be unaware of how to do a batch conversion and that maybe batch conversion is really the best solution for their use case, short of asking iNat to rewrite the upload page to resize and extract metadata from images on the client side rather than on the server side.


Thanks for sharing the image resizer utility. My rationale is that batch resizing requires exporting another set of low-res images exclusively for iNat, which to me is less convenient that just screenshotting the select few images I actually want to export to iNat. This is actually double the work for me because I work with RAW files and don’t always have the time to process them and just want to get out a few quick IDs. Additionally, the ability to freeform screenshot means that you can actually crop out the organism faster since iNat doesn’t have a client side cropping tool in web, and might actually end up higher resolution for the cropped area than just a down-res’ed, zoomed out photo that people tend to upload directly. I don’t see what preserving the aspect ratio has to do with anything.

I would rather fill in the metadata myself. I’m not suggesting getting rid of the existing upload tools but having the flexibility to screenshot and paste would be a nice addition.

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