Uploading or syncing data from two devises( iPhone X & XI) to a 3rd (XIII)

Question 1: I started using seek this summer on my smart phone and then added the application to a second smart phone where I have most of my observations. I haven’t figured out a way to sync my Seek data on theses two phones (like you do with photographs) or add them to my smarter phone that I just set up.

I haven’t uploaded any observations to date but, if I do upload my observations, is there a way to then download them to my newer, smarter phone?

Question 2: I have not posted any observations.

Is it possible to post previous observations in bulk and/or one at a time? If so how?

Question 3: This Summer I’ve been on my farm in Virginia, between Monterey and Blue Grass

However. I lose Internet connection once I leave my farmhouse so the app doesn’t know my exact location. Is there a way to manually enter my my location?

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Seek observations only stay in the app, they don’t transfer between devices and don’t automatically sync anywhere. When you log in to iNaturalist in Seek, you should see this page.

No, it’s only possible to post to iNaturalist from Seek when you make a new observation. Seek isn’t designed for sharing data so that functionality is limited. For more details, you can download the free Seek User Guide here: https://www.inaturalist.org/pages/seek_app

The app will still know your location via GPS antennae. So if you make an observation, it will record your location as GPS coordinates. But since you’re not connected to the internet, it can’t load any other information like place name, what’s been seen nearby, etc.

I’ll also note that, because Seek is so privacy focused, it never knows your exact location, it just knows the general area you’re in.

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