Use a consistent location icon across platforms for obscured and public locations

Platform(s), such as mobile, website, API, other: Android app (did not check on iOS)

Description of need:
Similarly to, the Android app showing “My Observations” in a list view should use different and specific icons for obscured and public locations.

This is how location icons look like on, when viewing “Your Observations”

This is how location icons look like on the app — Please note that all of those locations are actually obscured, but this is not visually expressed through the UI

Just a heads-up: this is a small potential change so I accepted it, but keep in mind that we’re not doing much beyond bug fixes for the current mobile apps.

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Hey @tiwane,

Thanks for the heads up!
May I ask what the reasons behind this? Im kind of new… was redirected here from the github repo.


The new app is in development.

One codebase for Android as well as iOS, not separate apps.

Sure, see

Just want to point out that the title looks like it is asking to make the obscured and public location use the same icon, when it is actually asking the opposite

I opened this thread to comment why I thought this was a bad idea, and then realized the actual feature request is the opposite of the title, and voted for it

I added “across platforms” to the topic title.


Awesome! Is it open source? Can outsiders contribute if and when one is flooded with free time? :sweat_smile:

You’re right. I could have been more specific.

Thanks @bouteloua !

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Yes, you can. See and

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